this is a tarantella they are comin pet  some people think it’s weird but it’s really true that you are not mammals they are arachnids you might say they have filed bye they don’t have live birth and lots of stuff that don’t prove they are mammals they are arachnids the hair is the sense what’s around them and they aren’t Vennema’s barely any of them on that immense you can see them and pet stores and in the wild in the wild they usually found in deserts but sometimes in other places but mostly in deserts



This is a train Chilla hock it is the only known wild the predator of a tarantula it it find a tarantula in follows it into it then and it paralyzes it and it flipped it over and lays eggs on it and then it leaves and then be eggs hatch and  of eat  the tarantula   the only bug that has a more painful sting is the bullet ant if you get stung by a tarantula wasp first you  be screaming for five minutes and be able to do nothing about it then then pretty much all the pain is over except for pulling this thing out but they only found Arizona but they don’t really go after people they go after tarantulas