this is a red crab it Is only found on Christmas island and makes one the most Famous things in nature of the red carb trail some yellow crazy ants came to the island and because having to the red crabs based first they spell asset in their face so I can’t see a man named kill the crab and the parts off of the parts of the carb and Bring it back to the colony and eat it the claps have an adapted a way of the fence yet but humans are trying to get rid of the yellow and some Christmas island because if the red crabs extinct the ecosystem will go crazy the web crabs  controlling the grow I’ll be ecosystem and the red crabs are only found on Christmas island in the yellow answer originally from South East Asia and they spread to Australia because they have all the reptiles so they can pray this is a yellow crazy ant

And is in the Indian Ocean Street very close to Australia when humans came to Australia yellow crazy and snack on board and they invaded Australia sounds humans are trying to kill all the crazy ants on the Australian Christmas Island

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