this is me I have a huge passion for animals I am 8 years old  I made this website.

I want you to comment what is your favorite animal

And post a Lego building you have make your self and there will be a winner you will win free ticket to Legoland or reptile con

37 thoughts on “Brandon”

  1. Hi Brandon,
    Your website is fantastic! I am learning a lot about animals! Thanks for sharing your webpage.

  2. Hi Brandon! This is awesome. There are so many animals here. Impressive!

    Julie, Jane, Kate, Oliver and Craig

  3. Brandon, this website is SO impressive!! You know so much about animals!! It has taught me so much I didn’t know! Thank you for sharing!! Keep it up!! 🙂

  4. I think the “Brandon” is my favorite post! Great website – I have loved looking through it and can’t wait to see what other animals you add in the future!

  5. I have really enjoyed your website, Brandon! I also love animals so it has been fun to look through the pictures that you’ve put up. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Brandon thanks for teaching me, Carson and Kayden about all these cool animals! We love looking at it as a family. Great job buddy! Are you sure you’re only seven? ❤️

  7. Hi Brandon – todays animal, or insect, is the lady bug. I’ll bet i see alot of them today playing golf. i’ll let you know if i do. Have a good day. I love you.

    1. Good morning Brandon. today is Wednesday and todays animal for me is the tree frog. Have a good wednesday. I love you.

  8. Hi Brandon,
    This website is awesome, it was the first thing Audrey asked to see this morning. 😻 We love the new horse addition, and are looking forward to seeing what you add next!

  9. Good morning Brandon, today’s animal is “the bald eagle”. we have 2 of them living here at Lake of the Pines. yesterday i saw one flying over the lake. we don’t see them very often so it is really cool when we do see them. maybe today i will see one too. have a great day. i love you

  10. good morning Brandon. Today is Friday and today’s animal is the Flamingo. A beautiful bird with long legs. Do you think mommy would be scare of the Flamingo? After all it is a bird. Have a great day. I love you.

  11. Hey Brandon,

    Great looking site! Your Dad and I think you should post about Gila Monsters next.

  12. Good morning Brandon, I am trying to send this message on my iPad. I hope it works. Today’s animal is the “worm”. Why? Because it is going to rain today and I bet I see a lot of worms come out from the ground. Have a great day. I love you.

  13. Good morning Brandon – today’s animal is “Toby” a great dog. Can you tell me another great dog? Have a great day. Love you Buddy

  14. Good Morning Brandon, today animal is the Zapata Wren. i just read your info on the Zapata Wren. I never heard of this animal, so thank you for the info. You always teach me something. Have a great day with mom and grandma. Love you.

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