top 10 books

These are my top 10 favorite animal fact books.

10. “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?” Well this is not a fact book but it has animals and when I was a baby, I loved the pictures in the Eric Carle books.

9. “Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals” by Laurence Pringle.

8. “Dangerous Creature Dictionary, An A to Z of deadly animals”

7. “Wildlife Fact File #1”

6. “Wildlife Fact File #2” Mom, Dad, and I used to spend hours arranging and re-arranging animals in these binders into different groups just for fun.

5. “Endangered Animals Dictionary”

4. “Amazing Animals of the Rainforest”

3. “The Magnificent Book of Animals” written by Tom Jackson

2. “The Encyclopedia of the Cat” by Dr. Bruce Fogle

1. National Geographic “Animal Encyclopedia”